The Canal Music Fest has been the platform for free concerts provided to the residents of Tipp City and the surrounding area since 2010. The event has gained momentum each year and has grown from roughly 200 attendees in 2010 to over 3,000 people in 2014.

New Jingles From JAM Creative Dallas

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Connect Your Phone To Car Stereo

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A great way to take DDR with you in the car! Click on the picture to redirect to ebay and get all the details. There are many of these products on the market – DDR does not endorse any of them. Will has a similar device and he says it works great! Happy listening!

Links To Area Activities

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Dayton Police Launch ‘Coffee With A Cop’

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Coffee With A Cop


Smooth Jazz Sunday Sponsored By At Home Bistro

What a fantastic idea! Your own personal chef for your next dinner party. Click the logo below to go to their website and learn more.

at home bistro


DDR Makes Listening Easier!

Whether you’re an iPhone, iPad or Android user, we have you covered with an app for your device! These apps were custom built for DDR by our partners, Liquid Compass. Now listening to DDR is faster, easier, and more dependable than ever.          iphone-app         android app   Click the icon to go to the FREE download page! We paid for them so you don’t have to!

Mobile Listening Tips

1. Download and use our FREE mobile apps – it’s more stable and it’s a quicker connect. 2. Make sure to disconnect when you’re done listening. This is important because when you reconnect to the stream, you’ll be listening “current.” If you don’t do this, what you hear may be way behind what’s actually playing. 3. Refresh occasionally. This again keeps you current. 4. If you are driving you may notice periods of “drop out.” This is normal because most 3g and 4g networks are overtasked. Even if you have 3 or 4 bars (for data and phone calls a great signal). We stream in High Definition Stereo which requires a lot more bandwidth, but this gives you the best quality sound possible. Be patient! Cell providers are working hard to improve their delivery and as time goes on, you will have a better, more dependable experience. Since partnering with Liquid Compass in early January, we have had a 99.65% up time! We also have no limit on the number of listeners that can connect to our stream. We use the latest “state of the art” technology to deliver the best quality audio we can provide. It costs more but we feel it’s worth it! Enjoy and remember, your feedback is always welcome. Thanks for listening to DDR, the “Voice of the City!”  .


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Downtown Dayton RadioDowntown Dayton Radio is more than just an internet radio station, it is The Voice of the City!  We play all your favorite music from the 60s through today; from jazz and blues to rock and country.  We also focus on local artists and musicians and support local business.

Downtown Dayton Radio