Angela Perly And The Howlin Moons – “Hurricane”

There is something magnetic, vulnerable, dangerous, and electric about Angela Perley that has been causing a lot of buzz around the artist and her band The Howlin’ Moons lately. Demure and quiet off stage, the performer usually shocks people when she tells them she is the lead singer in a band. “Putting on a show is my way of being heard, I guess,” says Perley.

Growing up in small town Ohio, Perley spent years as an observant wallflower engrossing herself in poetry, literature, people, and films. “I am a storyteller at heart, always have been. I get a lot of inspiration from relationships, surroundings, poetry, and old movies. Music for me is a way to express feelings I can’t get out any other way, and when I hit the stage with the band I can turn up and let go.”

         Sep 12 10:00pm
         Peach’s Bar & Grill
         Yellow Springs, OH US
  • Sep 13 2:00pm
    Main Event Art & Music Festival- Toledo, OH 2pm-2:50pm
    Toledo, OH US
  • Sep 13 9:30pm
    Moe’s BBQ
    Granville, OH US
  • Sep 14 2:00pm
    Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons at the Marysville Public Library (semi-acoustic show)
    Marysville, OH US
  • Sep 14 2:00pm
    (semi-acoustic show) Marysville Library
    Marysville, OH US
  • Sep 19 9:00pm
    Rhythm of Life Festival
    New London, OH US
  • Sep 20 4:00pm
    Delaware County Fair
    Delaware, OH US
  • Sep 21 3:30pm
    Ohio Fish & Shrimp Festival
    Urbana, OH US
  • Sep 25 9:00pm
    Wooley Bully’s
    New Brighton, PA US
  • Sep 26 6:00pm
    The Abilene
    Rochester, NY US
  • Sep 27 8:00pm
    The Rock Shop
    Brooklyn, NY US