North “2unes” Woodall

Primarily a self-taught musician, it was at the age of eleven that his mom  introduced him to the guitar and a love affair with music that has stood the  test of time. In his teens, North “2unes” Woodall studied the playing styles of  Ernie Isley, Santana, and Joe Walsh, among other R&B, funk, rock, and pop music  styles. Hard work, determination, and a natural gift paid off and as a result of  his exceptional proficiency with the guitar, he was quickly established with  popular groups in and around Dayton, Ohio, such as The Delvones and Round Trip  Ticket.
North has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and was sought to share the stage  with funk masters Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy  Aires, Millie Jackson, Tom Brown and Will Downing. He regularly sells out venues  as the audiences know that they will be highly entertained and satisfied by  tight arrangements and banging guitar solos with great licks.
And the blessings continued to flow. 2unes has become a staple on the Atlanta  music scene appearing in venues from the Ritz Carlton to Wind-Down Wednesdays at  Centennial Park, bridging the generation gap with his unique music blend of  jazz, R&B, and hip-hop. “I work for the listener and my music is designed for  them. It is important to me that I give them what they want.” Woodall went on to  say that he defines his musical style as being like a gumbo. “I can’t be put  into a box musically. I’m not one thing, but many things bringing people  together from all sides of the music spectrum.”

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